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Thank you so much for visiting my page. We are so very thankful you chose to spend this moment in time and space to stop by and show some love.  

Serving as CFO/President of Made You Smile Productions, Inc.  A proud HBCU alum of Saint Paul's College (B.A. Political Science), Nicci also earned her M.A. Counseling from Trinity Washington University ) and is a soon-to-be graduate of Georgia State University (B.A. Film). Nicci is your favorite actress with the mega-watt smile, you might remember dancing her way into your hearts and home. Having been a professional working actor since 2004 and a member of SAG-AFTRA, it is her honor to be blessed to work with extraordinary talent over the years. 

Made You Smile Productions, Inc. mission is to create content that incorporates art imitating life while simultaneously engaging the viewer to experience an euphoric utopia while escaping reality.

As you peruse through this website, may you filled with joy and be reminded Black Lives Matter, the ARTS matter, EDUCATION matters and above all YOU matter!!

Actors Choice Photography ©2018

Photo Credit: Actors Choice Photography © 2018

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